JANMOR 25 with a pivoting centerboard

Janmor 25 z mieczem obrotowym

JANMOR 25 with a daggerboard

Janmor 25 z mieczem szybrowym

JANMOR 25 with a false keel

Janmor 25 z falszkilem

JANMOR 25 with a keel

Janmor 25 z kilem


The yacht has been designed as a tourist unit. Janmor is characterized by high initial stability, so it provides a great sense of safety while sailing. It has got a wide aft, which facilitates the creation of a large roomy cockpit and creates the possibility of moving the rear wall of the quarterdeck towards the aft. As a result, its vertical stem creates a long line of water favorable to obtaining high speed and spacious interior. The shell of a hull was made of monolithic glass and polyester-reinforced laminate and padded with bottom lining, bottom grate (frame floor, stringers) and centerboard box (optional).

It should be also mentioned that this is a shallow-draft boat, which in case of its centerboard version, with the fully raised centerboard fin, gives you the opportunity to swim up practically to every shore.


Quite high freeboard of Janmor’s hull causes that the quarterdeck of the yacht is low, which enables full control during sailing. The body of the boat is balanced. Around its cockpit, there is quite high breakwater. It is properly profiled which makes it possible to sit comfortably in the cockpit and have a sense of security. Quite wide, as for the unit of such size, half- decks provide adequate communication on the yacht. The deck is made of glass and polyester-reinforced laminate strengthened with Airex liner. Under the deck’s hardware there are reinforcements made of laminated metal plate of duralumin, which is 10 mm thick.


Interior design is based on insert furnishing which consists of bottom module in a form of molder under the berths, galley, toilet and roof liner. It impresses with the simplicity combined with ergonomics.

On the portside, there is a galley equipped with a two-ring stove on gimbals, a sink, two cupboards and a fridge compartment. The rest of the space is filled with a short berth with an easy access to the table. Above the berth, there can either be shelves or cupboards. In the room of the bow, there is a specious berth which is separated from a mess, dependably on the costumers’ choice, with a half-bulkhead  or a bulkhead with a sliding door. On the starboard, there is a long berth in a mess room. It is designed to accommodate one person or two people (when unfolded). Above the berth, there can either be shelves or cupboards. In the center, there is a big, comfortable table which makes it possible for the whole crew to eat at the same time. Moreover, on the starboard there is a toilet. It is a spacious toilet compartment whose laminated insert reaches up the ceiling, which eliminates every possibility of water soaking. There is enough space either for chemical or sea toilet. It is optional to install a shower while washbasin and cupboards for toilet accessories are standard. The culmination of the interior is its specious hundberth. In the design version B, under the companionway there is a free space where a stationary engine can be fitted. Plywood furnishing can be made of any type of wood, in any arrangement. The interior can be furnished with an exclusion of a module element of a customer’s choice or with the entire resignation from the laminated module furnishing.

We are able to realize almost every idea of the future yacht users. We are experienced in fitting every kind of installation.

Janmor 25 szkic 1
Janmor 25 szkic 2