JANMOR brand stands for 40 years of hard work as well as care and diligence when it comes to creation of our products. Thanks to experience and expertise of our staff, we offer boats and yachts of the highest quality. Recognized designers and our own constructional team take care of the aesthetics and modernity of our products. We combine tradition and modernity, and our brand is well recognized in the Polish world of sailing.

In the process of production we use only the best materials of the recognized producers, which combined with the technological regime and qualified staff,  allows us to obtain the knock-out products. To meet the expectations of our customers, we build new models of yachts and boats as often as possible.

We have the approval by Germanischer Lloyd.

JANUKOWICZ JACHT is a shipyard which was established in 1996. It has been actively operating on the Polish and European market ever since. It has got adequate facilities and experience which are necessary when it comes to building yachts, even for the most demanding customers. Every boat that they build is certified with CE marking, which confirms its compliance with the required standards, safety and high quality. They provide efficient warranty and after warranty service. They use the best and trusty materials.

Their harmonious team puts its heart and soul in every boat that they build. They like what they do and they are able to create a serial yacht as well as a yacht made according to the specifications of an individual customer – a ship owner.

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Widok firmy 2
Widok firmy 3
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Combining our passion for sailing with the experience that we have acquired during long years of work, we have created the perfect tandem, which guarantees the highest quality at an affordable price. Therefore, we are sure that we have an excellent product to offer.

We are a member of the Polish Chamber of Marine Industry and Water Sports –  POLBOAT logo polskie jachty